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CAI Webinar – Addressing COVID-19 Challenges with Communication and Resolution Programs


Webinar Date: February, 2021

Overview: COVID-19 has fundamentally altered our care processes and standards.  Care is being delayed, visits are happening by telemedicine, there are changes in how staff are deployed and interact with patients, and everyone is exhausted and emotionally depleted. These all make potential for patient harm events higher.  COVID-19 is also adding stress to already tightening medical professional liability insurance market. While it may be tempting to abandon ship when it comes to implementing CRP during COVID-19 times, CRPs are more important now than ever.  Fundamental principles of the CRP model-supporting patients, families, and clinicians after harm with open communication, empathy, learning, and accountability – are critical elements of how we respond to COVID-related harm events.  This webinar examines two cases of COVID-associated adverse events to help lead a discussion on the challenging aspects in implementing CRPs during this time.

Presenters: Michelle Mello, JD, PhD, and Thomas H. Gallagher, MD

Commentary by: Jeffrey Catalano, JD, Marcia Rhodes, Jonathan Steward, JD, MS, RN-BC, CEN, CPHRM

Learning Objectives: 

  • Examine potential communication and legal issues associated with COVID-related harm events
  • Describe how CRPs can be used as a strategy to address these COVID-related adverse events
  • Learn about CRP resources to help address COVID-related challenges

The Addressing COVID-19 Challenges with CRP slides are available here. The recorded webinar is available on the CAI YouTube channel.