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CAI Webinar – Privilege, Confidentiality, and Ethics: An Analysis of CRP Principles and Patient Safety Confidentiality


Webinar Date: January 21, 2021

Wesley R. Butler discusses the role of confidentiality and privilege within the context of Communication and Resolution Programs.

Presenter: Wesley R. Butler is an attorney at Barnett Benvenuti & Butler PLLC in Lexington Kentucky who focuses on advising health care providers on regulatory matters that implicate safety, quality, and reimbursement.


  • Outline the elements of typical confidentiality and privilege interests in patient safety and quality analyses, and explore the public policies that support such interests
  • Outline the fundamental components of common CRP processes in health care, and explore the public policies and ethical considerations that support CRPs for responding to patient harm events
  • Analyze the interplay between CRPs and confidentiality and privilege interests to identify complementary and divergent points
  • Conclude with practical suggestions to illustrate that health care providers can fully implement CRP processes while respecting the boundaries of confidentiality and privilege and,  ultimately, gain the benefits that both perspectives offer

The Privilege, Confidentiality, and Ethics presentation slides are available here. The recorded webinar can be viewed on our YouTube Channel here.