CRP Attorney Alliance

The Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement has established an alliance of attorneys who engage and/or support the healthcare community by embracing the principles of CRPs.

The CRP Attorney Alliance supports attorneys in their work to guide their respective clients’ reactions and responses to unplanned clinical outcomes in a principled, honest and transparent way to best advance their clients’ interest and the clinical mission. The Alliance is a resource for attorneys who counsel and represent healthcare systems, healthcare providers, insurers, and patients and families regarding communication and resolution programs (CRPs) and connected issues of patient relations, patient engagement, patient safety, corporate structures, clinical culture and leadership.


The goal of the Alliance is to advance the CRP field by creating a cadre of health law, defense and plaintiff attorneys capable, prepared and willing to advise their clients in the values of authentic CRPs and in ways to operationalize their clients’ approaches to unplanned clinical outcomes consistent with those values.


  • Best Practices and Innovation: established and new approaches for attorney engagement in CRPs
  • Professional Development: training and educational opportunities
  • Scholarship: publications in high-impact journals
  • Resources: directory of legal professionals trained in and committed to CRP principles
  • Advocacy: perceived and real legal impediments to CRPs
  • Community Building: leaders from the defense and plaintiff bar, malpractice liability insurance industry, and healthcare


  • Oversight: Chaired by Kyle Sweet, JD, Sweet Law Firm
  • Best Practices: Chaired by Richard Boothman, JD, Boothman Consulting
  • Development: Chaired by Michael J. Severyn, JD, ProAssurance Companies
  • Education: Chair to be named
  • Nomination: Chair to be named

Advance your clients’ interests and position your firm at the forefront of the CRP movement. Contact us about joining the CRP Attorney Alliance or providing financial support.

Funds support staff and various resources needed to accomplish the Alliance’s goals and activities.