The Benefits

Communication and Resolution Programs (CRPs) positively change the experience of healthcare for both patients and providers.

CRPs can provide patients and their families what they need to heal and move forward.
When a patient is harmed during care, research shows that most patients and their families want an honest explanation of what happened, an apology, and an understanding of how similar events will be prevented. An acknowledgement of their pain can sometimes be the most important ingredient to their healing. CRPs engage patients and families about what they need to reach resolution.

CRPs support healthcare providers.
The emotional toll that patient harm can have on providers can lead to trauma and burnout. CRPs provide proactive support, as well as tools to help providers communicate clearly and emphatically with patients after an unintended harm event. The experience of openly communicating with the patient and family can rebuild trust and maintain the patient-provider relationship.

CRPs improve patient safety and quality and prevent recurrences of harm.
CRPs remove barriers to event reporting and identify more safety gaps responsible for patient harm by expanding event analyses to consider all system and human factors. They result in organization-wide prioritization of patient-centered care.