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Deepen your CRP knowledge and expertise with AHRQ’s CANDOR toolkit.

The CANDOR Toolkit gives hospitals and health systems a roadmap for responding when a patient is harmed. The CANDOR process—Communication and Optimal Resolution—is one of several variations on the CRP model. Faculty of the Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement contributed to the toolkit, informing its content based on real-world experience and expertise. Like all CRPs, the CANDOR Toolkit supports institutions and health care providers in promoting candid, empathetic communication and timely resolution for patients and caregivers, coupled with learning to prevent recurrences.

CRP Resources Highlight

“Making communication and resolution programmes mission critical in healthcare organisations”

Thomas H Gallagher, Richard C Boothman, Leilani Schweitzer, Evan M Benjamin

Inconsistent CRP implementation and focusing on claims savings rather than nurturing a culture of accountability results in missed opportunities for improving quality and safety. This article includes four suggested strategies for implementing and spreading authentic CRPs.