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Your gift will advance the spread of CRPs, empowering all healthcare organizations to engage in a more compassionate response to patient harm. Below are priority areas where your support can make a life-changing difference for patients and families.

Developing CRP Metrics

Inconsistent implementation of CRPs — such as using the model for some cases, but not others, or incompletely applying the elements of a CRP — is a significant challenge. Developing clear, objective metrics will allow healthcare organizations to assess the effectiveness of their CRP. The CAI has developed an initial set of metrics and is creating an implementation and improvement guide to support users. Funding is needed for robust testing of the guide.

Estimated Cost: $115,000

Disseminating Metrics via the Action Network

CRP metrics will be collected and disseminated via our action network, a shared learning community for implementers and stakeholders. The action network will also offer roundtable discussions to share best practices and learning, webinars delivered by experts and experienced peers, issue briefs by thought leaders and an online forum for discussion and networking. Funding can support the development of the online platform or the costs of a presenter’s honorarium.

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Studying Patients’ Experiences After Harmful Events

The greatest obstacle to effective CRPs is insufficient information about patient and family experiences following harmful events: how their needs evolve and how CRPs can support them. A stronger evidence base could substantially improve institutional responses to injured patients.

We propose investigating how patients’ experiences, needs and expectations change over time, and how CRP processes can be improved to better address those needs. Our 18-month study will follow a diverse cohort of adult patients and their families who have experienced a serious adverse event. The study will be co-led by Thomas H. Gallagher, MD (UW), and Michelle Mello, JD, PhD (Stanford University).

Estimated Cost: $500,000 (work can begin with initial funding of $100,000)

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