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CAI Webinar: Responding to Large Scale Adverse Events


Webinar presented by Dr. Tom Gallagher on Thursday, June 6, 2019

Large-scale adverse events, situations in which a breakdown in care has affected multiple (sometimes thousands) of patients, pose significant challenges for institutions related to responding in ways that inform potentially affected patients without unduly alarming them and managing the follow-up. This webinar will highlight lessons learned from the field around responding effectively to adverse events, as well as key unanswered questions.

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe the diversity of large-scale adverse events, and how responding to these events differs from managing adverse events that affect individual patients
  2. List the key elements of an effective response to a large-scale adverse events and the tools that are currently available to assist with this process
  3. Critique an actual large-scale adverse event patient notification letter and press release, and articulate opportunities for improvement in these documents.

Recorded webinar available here

Slides available here

Handouts available here

  • Exercise 1: Written Notification. Read as if you were a patient who had been potentially exposed.
  • Exercise 2: Press Release. Please read the press release and provide your feedback.

Reference article available here

The disclosure dilemma–large-scale adverse events. Dudzinski DM, Hébert PC, Foglia MB, Gallagher TH. N Engl J Med. 2010 Sep 2;363(10):978-86