We aim to close the gap between principle and practice in accountability after medical injury

The Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement

The Challenge

The Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to a better way of handling patient harm from medical care, Communication and Resolution Programs (CRPs). CRPs ensure a principled, comprehensive and compassionate response to patients, families and clinicians when a patient is harmed, while swiftly correcting the safety gaps responsible for the care breakdown. Collaborative members come from a range of stakeholder groups including: patient safety advocacy nonprofits, healthcare clinical professions, healthcare delivery systems, professional liability insurers, regulators of healthcare organizations and professions, academics, and healthcare attorneys.

The Goal

Our goal is to promote the widespread utilization of Communication and Resolution Programs (CRPs) by clinicians, healthcare organizations and professional liability insurers. We have assembled national and international CRP pioneers and respected thought leaders who can facilitate their effective implementation and spread. Our leadership and members are generating:

  • Best practices for training, implementation and operation of CRPs
  • Institutional, state and federal policy recommendations supporting the use of CRPs
  • Learning environments among diverse individuals and organizations committed to the spread of CRPs through collaboration, innovation, and research

The Collaborative is poised to help healthcare organizations, large and small, create and maintain CRPs through identification of best practices, training, policy development, shared learning, and innovation.

News & Updates

AHRQ Releases CANDOR Toolkit to Improve Communication After Adverse Events

We are pleased to announce that the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released the CANDOR Toolkit, a new resource that gives hospitals and health systems the tools to respond immediately when a patient is harmed. The CANDOR process—Communication and Optimal Resolution—is an example of a Communication and Resolution Program, and members of the Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement helped inform its creation.

The Collaborative in the Press

The Collaborative was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and in an article on CNN’s website.

NPSF Releases Report: “Free From Harm”

The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) has released a report of an expert panel brought together to assess the state of the patient safety field and set the stage for future work. Free from Harm: Accelerating Patient Safety Improvement Fifteen Years After To Err Is Human offers eight recommendations for achieving total systems safety and a culture of safety. The report’s content has been endorsed by a number of related organizations and is available for download on the Foundation’s website at www.npsf.org/free-from-harm.