Healthcare organizations now have a compassionate and effective model for addressing patient harm

Communication and Resolution Programs (CRPs) are the emerging best practice for addressing patient harm.

When something goes wrong during healthcare, the best response is rapid and compassionate, and promotes healing for all involved. CRPs guide this response, leading to optimal resolution and improved patient safety. Empathetic communication, accountability, and application of learning to prevent similar incidents from recurring are at the heart of the process. Increasingly viewed as the future of healthcare, CRPs are adopted by some of the largest hospital systems across the country.

The Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement: A Program of UW Medicine is dedicated to accelerating the spread of CRPs to healthcare institutions everywhere. The Collaborative brings together CRP innovators and respected experts in healthcare, law, and patient advocacy to support effective implementation and ongoing improvement of CRPs through training, shared learning, and advocacy.

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