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Communication-and-resolution programs (CRPs) are implemented in hospitals to increase patient safety and effective communication between healthcare providers following patient injury. CRPs act as a guide for hospitals to disclose information to patients after medical injury, ways to efficiently investigate the incident, and how to take accountability for the event and offer compensation when appropriate. In this study, the authors analyzed the effectiveness of CRPs in reducing patient harm four Massachusetts health systems. The authors found that CRP implementation were correlated with decreased litigation fees, but they did not alter any other pertinent outcomes, such as reducing patient harm and increasing transparent communication.



Kachalia, A., Sands, K., Niel, M. V., Dodson, S., Roche, S., Novack, V., … Mello, M. M. (2018). Effects Of A Communication-And-Resolution Program On Hospitals’ Malpractice Claims And Costs. Health Affairs (Project Hope), 37(11), 1836–1844.