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Communication-and-resolution programs (CRPs) aim to increase disclosure, learning, and responsibility following adverse medical incidents. The authors of this article identify five obstacles that prevent CRPs from being successful: 1) public policy, 2) compensation for patients following medical errors, 3) application fidelity, 4) evidence of CRPs increasing patient safety, and 5) alignment of CRP methods with patient needs. To increase the success of CRPs, it is recommended that they should be coupled with CRP quality programs. Overall, health institutions are advised to implement these programs into their systems to promote transparency and patient and family engagement.


Gallagher, T. H., Mello, M. M., Sage, W. M., Bell, S. K., McDonald, T. B., & Thomas, E. J. (2018). Can Communication-And-Resolution Programs Achieve Their Potential? Five Key Questions. Health Affairs, 37(11), 1845–1852.