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Virtual lecture hall: The human side of medical errors

The Virtual Lecture Hall offers a two-hour course called Human Side of Medical Errors, which will effectively teach participants how to make ethical decisions when providing medical services to colleagues or loved ones, as well as how to constructively respond to a patient’s emotional reaction after they were involved an adverse incident.


Medicine safety culture is experiencing a bit of “aviation fatigue,” and it is often noted that patients are not airplanes. Patients are not airplanes, it is true. But humans are human whether they be pilots, physicians, or patients. And so when folks say a key difference between aviation and medicine is that the pilot goes down with the plane, I beg to differ. The well-being of physicians is directly tied to the well-being of their patients.

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Wisdom in Medicine: What Helps Physicians After a Medical Error?

This article explores how physicians gain wisdom following an adverse medical event. Methods included discusses the incident with colleagues, forgiveness, accepting imperfection in the medical profession, and admitting the mistake and apologizing. These methods not only help physicians learn and cope with medically adverse events, but also help them develop a positive outlook.