Members learn from one another in multiple forums and work together to advance the spread of CRPs.

The Collaborative achieves many of its outcomes through its strong, action-oriented committees. Members produce CRP best practice tools and resources, training curricula, on-site services, shared learning experiences, CRP innovations, policy recommendations, and research. 

Best Practices Committee

  • Creates best practice tools for implementing and evaluating CRPs
  • Directs the development of innovative new CRP resources
  • Organizes shared learning experiences to quickly disseminate CRP best practices and innovations

2020-2021 Activities:

    • Recommendations for development of initial disclosure tool
    • Explore development of tool for communicating with colleagues

Patient and Family Advocate Committee

  • Educates patients, families, and patient advocates about CRPs and the work of CAI
  • Provides guidance to CAI leadership and committees on remaining patient-centered, involving patients and families in the CRP process, and cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness in CAI and CRPs
  • Identifies opportunities for patients and families to provide a voice and their perspective for CRP work through publications and presentations

2020-2021 Activities:

    • CRP fact sheet from patient/family perspective
    • Explore issue of CRP metrics and patient/family feedback on CRP process
    • Explore educational content for patient advocates new to CRP

Policy Committee

  • Develops policy resources to support CRP at the institutional, state and federal level
  • Educates various groups about current barriers to CRP implementation and spread
  • Propose collaborative research with governmental entities to demonstrate the effectiveness of CRPs

2020-2021 Activities:

    • Educational content on how CRPs intersect with tort system
    • CRP fact sheet for legislators
    • Synthesis of existing state laws