What You Can Do

Join the growing movement.

CRPs are increasingly viewed as the future of patient-centered healthcare. Over the past two years, some of the largest hospital systems in the country have adopted CRPs. Here is what you can do in your role to accelerate CRP adoption:

Healthcare providers: Share this website with healthcare leadership, risk managers, and quality improvement staff, and tell them you would support a CRP. Encourage participation in one of our training opportunities.

Leaders at healthcare organizations: Attend our CRP Leader Retreat or another training opportunity.

Patients and patient advocates: Ask your healthcare providers if their organization has a CRP in place. If not, share this website and encourage them to learn more.

Risk managers: CRPs are quality and safety programs that have a clear risk management benefit. Contact us to learn more about how they can be a valuable part of your risk management strategy.

You can support the Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement in its efforts to accelerate the spread of CRPs and make them a nationwide standard of care.