Get Implementation Support

Work with the foremost experts on CRPs to support your successful implementation.

After institutions participate in our core trainings, they often seek our support for more tailored education to address their unique cultural and environmental factors. We put together a program of support that can include just a few or all of the services below:

  • Gap analysis
    A gap analysis identifies areas of strength in current CRP practices and opportunities for improvement, and yields a customized roadmap for developing a CRP.
  • Board and leadership engagement
    It is essential that board and C-suite members have a full understanding of and demonstrate support for all that a CRP entails. We help senior leaders understand the value of a CRP, how it differs from a traditional risk management strategy, and key steps in implementation.
  • Grand rounds
    Clinician engagement is critical. We introduce them to the CRP essentials, the value of a CRP, and how to access CRP resources when they are involved in a patient harm event.
  • Communication assessment
    CRPs rely on a cadre of trained CRP communication experts to act as just-in-time communication coaches. The Communication assessment helps identify those exceptional communicators so the coaching service can be as effective as possible.
  • Communication training
    Participants learn communication skills with patients and families and how to offer peer support following a patient harm event.