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Patients as Partners in Learning from Unexpected Events


Patients and family members identified the factors that contributed to their respective adverse incidents, such as not following safety measures and lack of communication. Participants stated that they were not involved in the analysis process of the adverse events, so they missed out on ways to become more involved in learning about adverse events and how they can be decreased in the healthcare setting. Thus, the authors of this article emphasize that healthcare systems should implement educational modules that not only help decrease the risk of adverse events, but also teach healthcare professionals, patients, and family members on how to be proactive in preventing them.



Etchegaray, J. M., Ottosen, M. J., Aigbe, A., Sedlock, E., Sage, W. M., Bell, S. K., … Thomas, E. J. (2016). Patients as Partners in Learning from Unexpected Events. Health Services Research, 51(Suppl Suppl 3), 2600–2614.


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