Activities: Trainings

Upcoming Trainings

Stay tuned for upcoming CRP training opportunities!

To assist organizations interested in implementing a CRP, the Collaborative has partnered with the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) to create the following educational seminars:

  • CRP 101: A one- to two-hour webinar designed to introduce the CRP concept to interested clinicians, healthcare organizations, and liability insurers.
  • CRP Leader Retreat: A two-day intensive, simulation-based training designed to provide organizational teams with an in-depth understanding of the key elements of a CRP and a process for making an informed decision to launch a CRP.
  • CRP Leader Fellowship: A year-long, mentored fellowship-style training program designed to help one to two leaders per organization launch and sustain a high-functioning CRP.

Group trainings support CRP implementation

The Collaborative provides group CRP trainings for leaders of healthcare organizations and liability insurers, as well as customized, on-site CRP support for individual healthcare systems and liability insurers. Find information on upcoming training opportunities below.

CAI offers individualized support for your organization’s CRP implementation. The Collaborative offers focused, on-site trainings and support services tailored to your healthcare organization’s progress and needs. Our services include:

  • Engaging healthcare organizations’ or professional liability insurers’ boards of directors and other senior leaders in supporting CRPs
  • Evaluating organizations,’ insurers’,  or clinicians’ readiness for CRP implementation
  • Tailoring a CRP to the unique needs of an organization, insurer or clinician practice
  • Training large organizational, insurer or private practice teams in CRP skills and processes
  • Providing timely support to a clinician, organization or liability insurer responding to a specific adverse event